Experience the power of AI with QolaBot

Sell More by Converting Leads on Autopilot

Our AI-QolaBot converts leads 24/7, seamlessly engaging with inquiries from various channels including GMB, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Web Chat.

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Immediately Follow Up With All Your Leads

Instant Lead Follow-up

Respond within 5 minutes to increase your odds of initial contact by 100x. AI-QolaBot ensures immediate follow-ups.

AI Powered Efficiency

Forget the receptionist; QolaBot captures leads instantly.

Drive More Sales

Maximize your ROI by responding first. Act now and supercharge your ad campaigns.

A Smart Robot for Smart People

If you want to close more deals with customers, you need to respond when they are ready to talk! And you need to respond in the right way. QolaBot is trained to carry out conversations with one goal: Conversion!


Focus your team on tasks that ONLY they can do. AI-QolaBot will manage the conversation so you can spend more time on the big picture. You'll get unlimited conversations 24/7 without hiring anyone working the night shift... at a fraction of the cost.

Multi-channel Engagement

Engage customers where they are—Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Google, SMS, and more—with QolaBot.

Unleash your AI power with QolaBot

As technology advances, businesses turn to AI, particularly AI chatbots, to enhance customer service and streamline operations. ChatGPT-4, an intelligent virtual assistant, offers significant benefits for small businesses. It handles repetitive tasks, freeing up your time for core activities. With 24/7 availability, it boosts efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Get Predictable Results

Switch from manpower to AI power—QolaBot offers error-free, predictable results.

Get Time Back

Free yourself from mundane tasks; trust QolaBot to manage customer care around the clock.

Train Your AI-QolaBot

Train your AI-QolaBot using your own data for personalized, efficient query resolution—enhancing its effectiveness over time.

Speed to Lead

Boost your response speed; ensure immediate follow-ups for every interested customer.

Rapid Response

Each reply is reviewed and sent in under a minute, ensuring prompt and efficient customer engagement.

Customer Care 24/7

Rest easy knowing QolaBot is handling customer engagement around the clock.

Feel confident that your customers are being taken care of 24/7.

Still Unsure Why

You Need Us?

Experience how seamlessly QolaBot integrates with your operations while offering tailored, high-touch service that adapts to your unique business needs.

Free Custom Setup

We kickstart your journey with a customized setup, tailored to your business needs. After you book a consultation, we'll dive deep into aligning QolaBot to achieve your specific goals.

Sit Back

With QolaBot's customized setup, you free up invaluable time to focus on core business activities, knowing your lead engagement is automated and efficient.

Start Chatting

Relish the efficiency of QolaBot. Every incoming message is scrutinized and responded to in under a minute, offering immediate, personalized interactions that charm your customers.

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Benefit 1

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Benefit 1

Benefit 2

Benefit 3

Benefit 4

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly does QolaBot respond to leads?

QolaBot is designed for instant engagement, responding to leads in under a minute.

How does QolaBot contribute to operational efficiency?

QolaBot automates lead engagement and customer inquiries, allowing you to focus on core business activities.

Is QolaBot customizable to my business needs?

Yes, we offer a personalized setup process to tailor QolaBot according to your specific business requirements.

What makes QolaBot's appointment setting different from others?

QolaBot utilizes an advanced appointment booking framework, ensuring meticulous prompting for greater accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Will it book the appointments to my calendar?

Yes, appointments will be automatically booked and synced to your sales calendar so that you will book more calls and make more sales.


  • Get real-time notifications straight to your phone

  • Chat with your clients and leads right from the app

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